Goa Marriott

This is an interesting marriot, while only 12 years old, they are doing a major rennovation, which was kind of in the way.

We were greeted very warmly with a free a/c suv from the airport to the hotel (45 minutes away), but were not offered the same on the way back.

The staff have been very friendly and welcoming, giving us a nice upgrade to a room with 2 queen size beds and a patio overlooking the ocean (literally 10 meters infront of the balcony, can easily hear the waves crash with the door/windows to the patio closed and the a/c running.

The mini-bar is great priced, a kit-kat only costing around $0.75 USD and a beer costing under $3.00 USD.


Kingfisher: An airline that won’t make tomorrow’s times.

Well I was not allowed to board as I was 19 minutes before departure (according to the gate agent) and 20+ minutes is required.

While this did end up costing me $8 for another drink at the airport, its flaws like this that will ultimately spell out the end of this airline.

Not only did they have to rebook me on the next flight, they left a seat empty on my flight (my seat!), and also had operational delays due to the fact that my luggage had to be offloaded. So now because of one gate agents ignorance, the airline has lost a potential premium passanger, wasted an entire crew + plane full of people’s time by delaying the flight to offload my luggage, had to spend the extra time/money dealing with offloaded luggage, left an empty seat that could’ve been filled by a paying passenger, and taken a seat from a later flight that potentially could’ve been sold.


Great job guys!

By the way, thanks to the supervisor who gave me 5k extra delta miles for my seat not functioning on the DEL-BOM segment.

As usual traveling is a learning experience, though I have a feeling in this case more so for me than the airline, but in the end their bottom line will be the only lesson they can’t ignore.

If the person who denied me boarding in BOM today ever reads this, I pray that you will not encounter such rash and ignorant treatment in my country as you have represented your country to me. Good luck to you, as treating people in this manner is not bound to get you far.

Lounges in New Delhi Airport

The AMEX Platinum Lounge is an interesting lounge, quite small, but still very friendly. This appears to be a platinum only lounge (I’m sure centurion members are permitted as well, but it is definitely not marketed towards them). While they do provide free food and non-alcoholic beverages, they do not ever serve any alcohol (at this time). They offer food both in a very limited selection of western and indian food, both via the buffet and from a menu.

The KingFisher First lounge also has free food, though only provided from the buffet, though they do offer free alcoholic beverages after 11AM (11AM seems to be the unanimous across the entire airport no matter at lounge or bar).



Last full day in cambodia

Just booked my flight on tha air Asia tomorrow afternoon from phnom penh to Bangkok to catch my flight to India.

This will be my first non domestic trip in a long time in business class, not looking forward to it. In also sure delta has crap for a lounge in Bangkok, and I didn’t receive my priority pass card before leaving the country (really wish my Amex play was good as a priority pass card as well, I hate carrying around an extra card).

While the past couple days were blessed with great weather, today at about 15:00 it started to pour.

Iphone4 and switching networks

For some reason I’m only able to connect to about half the gsm networks that show up in the carrier menu. On my blackberry I was able to connect to 3/4ths of them. Also, both iPad and iPhone seem to take alot longer to switch networks when the current one becomes unavailable.

Also, once then iPhone drops out of 3G into edge coverage, I usually have to either turn 3G off then back on, or turn the airport mode on briefly then back off in order to get it from edge back onto 3G.

Often I’ll be connected via edge even though 3G is available and accessible by hitting a few extra buttons.


My blackberry is no more, as such I’ve been using a spring sim card cut down to micro sim in my iphone4. I had hoped that iBooks would seamlessly sync all my current places and bookmarks within iBooks between iPad and iPhone but as of yet this has not functioned at all. In addition ive been using the iPhone WordPress application instead of the blackberry one, and I must say am am also quite annoyed with it as well.

A few of my problems with it:
– whenever I want to attach a photo (or a few photos which is often the case), I have to wait for each photo to upload individually before I can save or post the post or page I’m working on with the blog. As such, when I have spare unconnected time on my hands (on an airplane, train, boat), where there may not be Internet, I cannot work on putting together some posts for later. With the blackberry app I could save the drafts locally, queue up a bunch of posts and photos to upload, then next time I’m in3g coverage, let it all
Upload in the background.

So long as in complaining about the iPhone, I should also mention i don’t think it’s possible to encrypt nor sign emails sent through the native email app on the iPhone.

See waterfall – $2

So I decided to go for a little trip on my moto, didn’t make it far (not even out of sihanukville in fact) before seeing some attraction (can tell by the tuk tuks and little stores around the exit from the freeway).

After driving a half dozen or so kilos down a little dirt road, I approached a toll booth, they only English spoken was “see waterfall – $2”

Now in sure the Cambodians are not paying $2 each to come here but I went ahead and sprung for it. It’s an interesting bunch of waterfalls, surrounded by restaurants with little bungalows to eat in. There are not Many westerners around, but te surroundings are full of Cambodians.

It seems many people stop by the big fish market in sihanukville prior to heading to the falls for the day as most people are eating shrimps, but all the restaurants only provide either chicken or fish (bought at market though, not fresh from the river were at). So note for next time to bring some good shrimps to have them cook up in one of these pots.