Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge HKG

So i’ve spent the last few hours in the first class lounge here in hong kong, and I have to say that for as highly rated as cathay is, and the fact this is their hub city, I am quite dissapointed.

There is a very limited food selection, and only from a buffet (with the exception of a couple of vegetarian options, but still no menu).

The drinks offered are an extremely poor selection, i’m quite unsatisified with them.

They do have small private rooms (about 5’x5′ with a 15″ TV) that can be used for privacy, otherwise you have to stay out in the common area with around 30-50 other passangers (i don’t beleive they are all first class either, but can’t get a strait answer from the staff as to whether business class passangers are allowed in this lounge or not).

Hopefully the service in the air will be better.

Oh yeah and also just to top things off the internet not only disconnects every couple of minutes, but is extremely slow (I tested it at around 50KB/sec max, that’s less than I got from my cell modem in bangladesh).

I’ve been trying it out for a few bookings i’ve recently made and it seems alot better than the competition. Its mainly a review site, but can also do an aggregated availability and pricing search of multiple other sites.

I highly recommend giving it a try!