Christmas in Madrid

So the family has finally finished moving to Madrid, just in the nick of time for christmas.

Spain is a very catholic country and as such seriously celebrates christmas, but in a very different way than austria.


24th December – Christmas Eve is called Nochebuena in Spanish (Goodnight) and it is the most important family gathering of the year. In the evening people often meet early for a few drinks with friends then return home to enjoy a meal with the family. Most bars and restaurants close in the evening. Prawn starters followed by roast lamb would be a typical meal rounded off with a typically Christmas sweet called turrón which is a nougat made of toasted sweet almonds. Another typical festive sweet is called Polvorones which is made from almonds, flour and sugar. Cava, Catalan champagne, would be the chosen drink for the Christmas toast though plenty fine Spanish wines will also be consumed with the meal.


In Plaza Colon they setup 20′ tall speakers and blasted a Choir for hours. One could hear the music from around a kilometer away.




iPhone4S Trial

So i’ve been trying out the iPhone4S from sprint for the past couple of weeks. Within the USA it was extremely slow on Sprint’s network, though since i’ve gotten back to Europe this hasn’t been an issue (even though I’m still using a Sprint SIM Card).

The phone itself is almost identical in performance, look, and feel, to the iPhone4. The Camera is a little better, but so far as it being dual processor, I don’t know that its any faster nor uses any less power than the prior model.

iCloud on the other hand is a mess. The email doesn’t push through imediately (which is strange seeing as my Microsoft Exchange Servers have no problem pushing instantly to the Apple device). So hopefully they will work on that some.

I haven’t yet found any use for Siri, but once I have played around with it a bit more, i’ll report back on that.

Using personal hotpot is very finicky and doesn’t work well at all. I can’t seem to get it to stay connected nor go very fast. After a little research it looks like I may have to completely reformat and re-setup my phone to prevent any OS Upgrade fragments. However I don’t want to do this while i’m abroad incase it is not possible to re-activate while overseas (i don’t know if it will work when i’m not on sprint’s towers).

I also managed to lose the micro-sim card that came with the iphone, the one that’s needed when i’m in the USA (i’m not sure if it will function with no sim card in it at all).




Canary Islands

Just arrived at LPA, the main airport of the Canary Islands, on Gran Canary.

Though it is currently winter time here, it is still nice and warm, in the 60’s-80’s during the day.

Evidently due to a volcano errupting nearby, there may soon be an 8th island joining with the 7 other islands that make up the Canary Islands.

Tomorrow or the next day I plan to take the ferry from Gran Canary (the island i’m currently on) over to Tenerife (the island everyone says I should stay on).