Applied for Chase Ink Bold Card

Just applied for the Chase Ink Bold Card under my business name. I did not get an immediate decision, so I’ll be contacting chase card services at

Chase Credit Analysts – Business Side – (800) 453-9719

Chase Application Status Department – (888) 609-7805

This is currently a good card to get because it nets 5 points per dollar spent at office supply stores (where one can buy vanilla reload cards).

Apple iPhone4S w/iOS5 Push email still not working

So its been a few months now since I switched over from my own exchange hosted email to using Apple’s iCloud in combination with an email address. The calendar, contact and note syncing all seem to be working great, but my push for email rarely works as promised.

Most of the time, when my phone is locked and in my pocket, emails will not be received until I manually check by opening the

Not sure why Apple still hasn’t gotten this right, blackberry has been doing push email for 10 years now!

I have heard reports that push works fine with gmail, and I can verify personally that it works fine with exchange hosted email accounts, but apples own iCloud email doesnt properly push.

Not my only gripe with Apple at the moment, but having to keep my phone on a timer schedule to check my mail is ridiculous.