www.SigFig.com – Liking it!

SigFig.com is similiar to www.wikinvest.com in the fact that it aggregates data automatically from your various brokerage accounts and shows you useful information about your investments.

In fact if you already have a WikInvest Account, you can use the same account to login to SigFig, without have to re-enter any brokerage information or anything.

So far I’m liking it alot, I even prefer it already to Wikinvest.

iCloud + Mail + Mountain Lion 10.8 + Mail Rule Syncing

Okay so it now appears that a new feature of Mountain Lion 10.8’s ability to Sync Documents & Data over iCloud also will sync your mail rules.

This could be a great thing because now instead of having to put in all my mail rules to iCloud.com (which is a laggy interface, and only allows for very simple rules (i.e. You cannot make an item as read when moving it to another folder).

The problem I predict with this is that since my laptop doesn’t run mail all the time, i’m going to have to keep mail running somewhere (not an issue, I have a Mountain Lion Server at home I can run a mail client 24/7 on), but what’s going to happen with my iPhone?

Is the mail going to come to the inbox and notify me prior to being moved to the other folders? Is the mail going to be moved instantly or is it only going to be moved once per minute when the mail app on my server polls (since as far as I can tell mail app on mountain lion doesn’t actually do real push email (or even true IMAP idle).

So I’m going to give it a try. Will update here when I’ve seen if it works out for me or not.