Giving BOA Privilege Account + ML Merrill Edge Account

I just signed up for the BOA Privelege Checking account and ML Edge Trading account, where if a $50k balance is maintained one gets 30 free trades per account per month.

Opening the checking account was very easy and took less than 5 minutes over the phone, the brokerage account has not been nearly as easy. It took 4 phone calls to Merrill Lynch to get the account opened, and now it’s under ‘review’ for the next 24-48 hours.

On the BOA side of things I’ve gone ahead and added my Schwab checking accounts (which both required a trial deposit to verify) and my chase checking account (which I was able to verify using my online credentials for as well as an Identification Code sent via e-mail).

So far the service seems alright. I’d say that I get through to a represenatative faster at BOA than I do at schwab, and while the reps seems to be very knowledgable, they seem to be very inconsistent.

Will post more once I’ve had a chance to really give them a go.