Mollify PHP & MySQL Based File Browser

I needed to set something up where I could securely share files with people. I looked at a variety of different options, but Mollify ( ) seemed to be the best option for doing exactly what I needed.

Here’s the main features that appeal to me:

  • Access permissions can be set vai the web panel, you don’t need multiple unix level users.
  • Files can be easily uploaded and downloaded.
  • Files don’t have to be stored in the webroot (so they aren’t a susceptible).
  • You can easily add additional directories and users via the web interface.

Features I wish it had:

  • Ability to publicly share a link.
  • Ability to track number of downloads.
  • Ability for users to register themselves.

Holidays in Morocco

Yesterday was a big holiday for Muslims. The whole village ceased to do anything except relax. Around noon they slaughtered 6 sheep ceremoniously (with everyone including little children watching) to be cooked up for the feast.

Ketama is actually a pretty boring place, there are only 4 or 5 places in the whole town that you can buy something to eat (and it’s usually a half of a chicken bbq’d up, or a piece of cow cut off a slab of cow right in front of ya, then cooked up over charcoals).

The people all seem friendly enough, I really like the music and the cardroom attached to the hotel, every night its full of people playing poker and other card games (the house doesn’t take a cut) and smoking hookah’s.

Katama for a couple nights.

Today I took the bus from Malaga to Algeciras, which takes about an hour and a half. Then I took the 30 minute ferry over to Cueta (A spanish city on the north of morocco), then a 6 Euro taxi to the border, then waited in line for 20 minutes, got my passport stamped, and continued into morocco. From there I took a taxi to Katama (because I had already missed the last bus).

The main hotel is 40 Euro a night, which isn’t too bad, its quite a nice place actually. I’m going to see if there’s a cheaper place tomorrow.

Melting Pot Hostel – Malaga

Spent the night a couple nights ago in the Melting Pot hostel in Malaga.

While the hostel is right across the road from the beach, unlike the photos on hostelworld lead you to believe (a couple of chairs on the sand in the beach), it is not actually right on the beach, in fact due to the high fence, you can’t even see the beach from the hostel.

My room was situated in a cave like basement – which actually was really good for sleeping, but still a bit of a strange accomodiation.

When I paid for a dinner (their bbq, i’d pass in the future), the total was 7EUR and I paid 6.98, and they said I still owed them 0.02EUR to make sure to pay before the end of the night (seriously).

They charge and extra 1.50EUR to use a credit card, which is pretty annoying.

At midnight they kick everybody out of the lobby/common area/outside area. So you can either go to your room or go outside. This leaves those who are jetlagged, tired, or just want to use their computer/etc no option but to leave the hostel in the middle of the night or go to bed. There’s nothing around this hostel, the city center is a solid 30 minute walk away – and thats if you walk quickly.

All the drinks sold here are extremely small (i.e. the waters, beers, etc) are all the mini-size instead of the normal size. At 1.50EUR each, they are a rip off (and again there is very little within a short walk of the hostel).

Was woken up at 11:30 AM by a guy screaming at me that I was suppose to be out of the room right now.

There are much much cooler hostels to check out in Malaga, I highly recommend Oasis Backpackers Hostel for example, which is right downtown, has places to hang out 24/7, a rooftop bar, and really laid back staff.

Overall I’d recommend staying away from this establishment.

Couple of days in Madrid

I had an overnight layover in madrid on my way to Rabat, Morocco but decided to stick around madrid for a few days and take the train down to Morocco via Rabat instead (on the train now).

I had forgotten how fun of a city madrid is, great food, great clubs and bars, great everything (except transportation).

Went to a bar/restaurant calls los caracoles (the snails), where an old man dishes out snails by the ladle full from a large pot of snails that has been cooking all day long – very tasty! Definitely will want to go there again.

Stayed in Way Hostel, which seemed nice enough, though they don’t have a bar, so mainly people are sitting around playing on their computers (lots of people though). The rooms are clean and comfy, though a bit noisy at times.

Camelot beach club

Had a chance a couple days ago to hang out at Camelot beach for the day. Compared to escape beach it is alot less busy. Only a dozen or so people altogether at the beach. They do appear to have waterspouts though.

This is not a big resort, just a simple restaurant and bar right on the beach. They also have a boat launch area incase you have your own jet ski or boat.

The food at the restaurant is much better than the food down by the beach.

They have wifi for free but it doesn’t really work down at the beach (works fine in the restaurant).

To get there take the bus towards Lapta, it’s just last escape beach.