Using Tidy-Up to remove Aperture 3 Duplicates

Recently I’ve started to consolidate all of my photos into one Aperture library. This has proved to be a nightmare.

At this point I’ve managed to lose the structure of over half of my previous (lightroom) organization.

I also ended up with some duplicates.

Using Tidy-Up, I was able to easily eliminate the duplicates. I went through the 5k+ duplicates that were found and manually checked about 100 of them, they all looked correct, so I don’t think there were too many false positives.

All in all, thumbs up to Tidy-Up.

Drobo Drive Failure – Data Protection In Progress

So it finally happened, one of the drives in the drobo went bad.

Of course the drobo slowed to a halt. First I tried taking the drive out and putting it back in, after a few days of “Data Protection: In Progress” according to the drobo dashboard, it showed the drive as bad again.

So now I’ve replaced the drive with another identical drive (thank god I had an identical one sitting around as I’m not sure how the drobo would handle a minute capacity difference in drives).

At this point it says 62 hours remaining, so we’ll see how long it actually takes.

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.09.49 AM