Fidelity’s Secure Message Center – A great way to communicate.

I travel alot, and Fidelity’s Private Client Group is only accessible during normal US business hours, which has proven to be an issue many times.

I’ve found that their Secure Message Center is a great feature. Login to and send a message to them, they reply within a few hours and send very detailed responses (for example I needed specific wiring information for receiving in foreign currency).

So next time you have a question for fidelity, put down the phone and try their secure message center!

6 thoughts on “Fidelity’s Secure Message Center – A great way to communicate.

  1. I had to try to many times to log into my account with you and after so many attempts to load in I got the notice my password has bee blocked.

  2. why is my password always blocked? i talked to a representative and no action.
    I am aggravated, this has happened over and over again. Please explain and fix the problem. Thank You!

  3. Ihave been using the same user name and password for over a year or two. Yesterday I spoke to a Fidelity representative and supposedly it was cleared up, since I was ale to get to my account. Now I cannot log in again. I’m getting frustrated. Why is this happening again and again, after years of being able to access my account. Walter Giffhorn

  4. I just changed my password on one of our accounts. It indicated that it would also serve as the password for my other account. But when using it on this second account, it didn’t work. What do I do now?

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