Backing Up or Duplicating Google Authenticator 3-Factor Authentication from one iPhone/iPad to another

Recently I realized that if I lost my iphone I’d be in a world of trouble, nearly every bitcoin exchange I work with utilized Google Authenticator’s 3-Factor Authentication.

Here’s how to back it up (and if you have a second phone around you can put a copy on it as well).
To Backup the keys, Make a backup of your iPhone in iTunes, a local backup. You cannot use iCloud backup, it will not backup the keys (i tried), you also must enabled encryption. Pick a strong password too as if someone were to find the backup they could get access to all your 3FA keys.
Now if you lose your iphone, just connect your a new one and restore the backup, and violla the keys are there.
To add to a second iPhone, simply make the encrypted backup, then connect the other phone Restore it, then chose the backup from your other phone.
KEEP A BACKUP THOUGH! Note that it takes mtgox weeks to reset a Google Auth. No Longer Using MtGox Rates

Up until about a week ago, one of the best places to sell bitcoins was For over a month nobody has been able to get any money out of MtGox (due to their withdraw haitus followed by unexplained delays – Or potentially the early stages of liquidity problems), as such a large spread (of about 10%) has developed between MtGoxUSD/BTC and other major exchanges BTC/USD prices. Thus being able to sell on at MtGox’s exchange rate was a major arbitrage opportunity for anybody with USD on the other exchanges.

This arbitrage opportunity has been closed now though as is now one of the least profitable places to sell coins for USD.

And for a quick review of…They wire the funds to your account, it usually takes around 5 days before the payment is received. They have a nice presence at most of the bitcoin conferences, and seem to be a pretty well funded, legitimate company.