iCloud sucks – OSX Server an alternative?

A while back I switched from iCloud to hosting my own iRedMail server for my email solution. iRedMail doesn’t work how i’d like and doesn’t work well with iPhone with (the z-push stuff is garbage).

As such I’ve repurposed an old mac mini to be my new mail server and so far i like it. here’s a few of the key points:

  • Unlike iCloud, server side mail filtering is not super basic, nor limited to 99 entries. One can easily install roundcubewebmail (it’s a double click install on osx server), which supports server side sieve filtering.
  • push just works correctly on my iPhone.
  • osx server handles Contacts, Calendars, Mail, Notes, Reminders, and can even handle (some) messaging.
  • Multiple domains are seemingly handled flawlessly (just make sure to correctly specify your email address in your mail client).
  • Install is quick and easy.