New Photo Backup Solution – Amazon Cloud Drive?

Recently Amazon Cloud Drive announced that they were doing a free unlimited photo storage deal for amazon prime members. After looking a little further into it I realized that indeed I can upload the .CR2 files from the Canon 5D, which is actually pretty awesome.

Next step was of course to figure out how to get my photos into their cloud (Approximately 500GB of photos, currently in an Aperture Library). They have a downloadable desktop application for OS X, but it doesn’t support any sort of syncing, just purely uploading. Additionally after using it a couple times it just started to hang on me. So ultimately I end up using multiple tabs in google chrome to upload one large folder each. I’m maxing out the crappy Comcast 150mbit internet I have (uploading at around 30mbit consistently to Amazon). The upload does prevent duplicates from being uploaded.

The interface is basic, but slick. I won’t likely use this as the primary place I keep my photos (currently a raid 0 dual SSD thuderbolt enclosure) but I do trust amazon to be around a while and see this is a great opportunity for some free off-site storage. And may someday, who knows, their website may be more powerful than the local computer based apps I currently use (i.e. Aperture).

I also tried a few other services such as Yahoo’s 1TB (doesn’t support raw) but Amazon seems to be the only unlimited, free photo storage supporting raw file formats.

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