Queens Night in Holland

Queens day is always a big celebration in holland, especially in Amsterdam. Since queens day is on a Monday and Tuesday isn’t a holiday from work, there are some big parties queens night, which is Sunday night.

To celebrate rodrigo, rick. and I went to toffler, a club that is underground in Rotterdam. Was a great show and a cool club.

When we returned to Amsterdam on queens day, the trains were completely full of people headed to the city, thousands of people in all the streets, etc.

This year the government is trying to reduce the craziness of queens day and has taken steps such as not allowing public drinking, and not allowing the sale of alcohol in the streets. It seems to have made little or no difference at all though.


flying pig beach hostel

Welp I manahed to find the shuttle, and after a beer and smoke packed hours long ride we arrived at the beach hostel.

Its quite a bit smaller and more quiet than the downtown hostel, but still very friendy and clean enough. The beach is a five minute walk away. Similiar to the downtown hostel there is a large front room with a pool table, with a small smoking room in back (air conditioned though), and a balcony.

Today was my first day at the beach hostel, and I mainly rested, tomorrow I plan to spend the day at the beach.

There is something to be noted about this location though, there are no coffee shops in town, so its necessary to take a bus 20 minutes away to liden to go to a coffeeshop. The few coffee shops in liden are said to only be open from 4pm – 10pm (7 days a week), and are said to be significantly cheaper than in amsterdam central. The bus cost 4 euro.

Currently amsterdam is in full on tourist mode, with tons of tourists everywhere. The flying pig beach hostel is full of people, a large percentage of whom are from the us or canada.