Back from antarctica

Well made it back from Antarctica, what a great trip. I highly recommend quark exonerations to anyone interested in such a trip.

It’s a very personal experience as there are under a hundred passengers on the boat, and a lot of time is spent at sea, as such theres lots of time to get to know each other.

We left from Ushuaia, Argentina (the “end of the world”) on the 31st of January and returned on the 15th of feb. It took a little over 3 full days at sea to cross the drake and make it to the arctic circle which we crossed on the morning of the 5th day of the trip.

We were on an old Russian research boat left over from the soviet era. The ships crew were Russian and did an excellent job with everything.

I’ll post some photos and such in the near future, I’ve fallen way behind for a multitude of reasons including that im out of hard drive space on this machine at the moment and am only connected to the Internet via 3G, which. Ames uploading gigs of photos at once implausible