Still in vienna just chillen. Thinking about making a trip to scandinavia this week, and maybe a cruise next week.

It is a major buzz kill that right now in europe, there are tons of americans. Everywhere I go there are more americans than austrians (same was the case in amsterdam, except more americans than anybody else).

Ended up having to rebook for my flight from amsterdam to vienna on monday as it was in economy and would have cost hundreds to check all my luggage, ended up on the last flight of the day instead of the first.

For 45k miles round trip and (unfortunately) $191 usd in taxes/fees with delta. Ended up on a nonstop klm flight. There were only two rowes of biz class on the flight, I was in the second with both a window and an isle.

The flight attendant for my section did an exceptional job providing the best service and experience possible with her extremely limited hard product (the beer was very limited in selection, and warm. The food was 4/10, but prepared perfectly onboard, served with class, and upon request for an extra roll I was promptly given both a brown and a white warm roll.

We arrived about 10 minutes early to vienna, there was no customs, immigration, or baggage claim, I was able to immediately proceed to meet up with my father to head downtown vienna.

The weather so far has been excellent, though today, briefly, there was a very strong downpour for about an hour, followed by a beutiful sunny day.

Having a zwickel at kolar at the moment.