Last full day in cambodia

Just booked my flight on tha air Asia tomorrow afternoon from phnom penh to Bangkok to catch my flight to India.

This will be my first non domestic trip in a long time in business class, not looking forward to it. In also sure delta has crap for a lounge in Bangkok, and I didn’t receive my priority pass card before leaving the country (really wish my Amex play was good as a priority pass card as well, I hate carrying around an extra card).

While the past couple days were blessed with great weather, today at about 15:00 it started to pour.

See waterfall – $2

So I decided to go for a little trip on my moto, didn’t make it far (not even out of sihanukville in fact) before seeing some attraction (can tell by the tuk tuks and little stores around the exit from the freeway).

After driving a half dozen or so kilos down a little dirt road, I approached a toll booth, they only English spoken was “see waterfall – $2”

Now in sure the Cambodians are not paying $2 each to come here but I went ahead and sprung for it. It’s an interesting bunch of waterfalls, surrounded by restaurants with little bungalows to eat in. There are not Many westerners around, but te surroundings are full of Cambodians.

It seems many people stop by the big fish market in sihanukville prior to heading to the falls for the day as most people are eating shrimps, but all the restaurants only provide either chicken or fish (bought at market though, not fresh from the river were at). So note for next time to bring some good shrimps to have them cook up in one of these pots.