Some good jazz today in christiania

Been listening to some jazz this evening, a few great groups.

Earlier for the first time ever I got to see the police sweep through pusher street, all the vendors grabbing their goods and running. About 30 seconds after all the running squads of 6-7 police enter from all directions. These are the federal police, dressed to the 9s with riot gear and large automatic weapons.

We just remained chill right in the middle of everything, and were not even looked at twice by the police.

Within a half hour pusher street was open again, all the vendors digging through piles of their warez (though the police remained in christiania for another hour or so, searching buildings and houses – presumably for hard drug labs and such).

All in all was an interesting thing to observe.

Had some great salmon for dinner, and am back for jazz.

Still staying at the generator hostel.