Camelot beach club

Had a chance a couple days ago to hang out at Camelot beach for the day. Compared to escape beach it is alot less busy. Only a dozen or so people altogether at the beach. They do appear to have waterspouts though.

This is not a big resort, just a simple restaurant and bar right on the beach. They also have a boat launch area incase you have your own jet ski or boat.

The food at the restaurant is much better than the food down by the beach.

They have wifi for free but it doesn’t really work down at the beach (works fine in the restaurant).

To get there take the bus towards Lapta, it’s just last escape beach.









Acapulco Beach

Spent a few hours today at Acapulco beach. I don’t like it here nearly as much as escape beach for a few reasons. First off the food at the beach is all self service buffet style and frankly isn’t very good.

The beach chairs are very old and dilapidated. The ocean itself is not as clear in appearance (though that could be because its not as sunny today), and things are really spread out so it doesn’t seem populated at all. Also no music on the beach and no hammocks.

There’s no free wifi anywhere; and the paid wifi doesn’t work on the beach.

The prices are about the same as escape , a litte higher than at the other beach I was at.

They do have a nice large pool and jacuzzi, as well as tennis court. Lots of stuff for kids to do as well.

Don’t think ill be back here again unless its to play tennis.