Still in Anjuna Beach

Well I thought the last post was about the end of my trip in Goa, but I’ve ended up staying a few more days. I’m debating staying for 13,14,15th of August as there’s a big full moon party going on here, and the Taj Mahal is sounding like more and more of a major pain to get to for the full moon.

So at this point i’m still staying at Spazzio and hanging out around goa, there are some very interesting people in anjuna beach, the locals are very friendly, and all the tourists are here in good spirits.



Last couple days in Anjuna Beach

So the end of my unplanned trip to Goa and Anjuna beach is coming quick. Its now monday morning, so i’ve been here almost 2 weeks. Tomorrow or the next day I plan to fly to New Delhi and then up Bhuntar (a small airport in the north). From there i’ll be taking a car a couple hours over to Pavarti valley for a couple of days, then onto menali and nepal.

I’ve ended up having a scooter the entire time I was here (200 rupee a day), and have stayed at Spazzio the entire time as well (origionally 1800 rupee a day now 1600 rupee a day).

I haven’t yet made it over to arambul (sp), but am definately putting it on the list for next time (added to Destinations page).



Malaria Pills & Indian Hospitals

So I went in search of some malaria pills today as they seem to be recommended, and I met a girl the other night who said she has malaria and its not pretty (though she picked it up in Africa).

I went to a chemist & druggist (yeah that’s what the pharmacy’s are called here), and they didn’t have any, but told me to go to the Emergency & Casualty room.

Upon arrival at the Emergency & Casualty room, I was directed to a doctor who spoke perfect english and wrote me a prescription. She told me to go to the next room down to get it filled.

I stepped upto the pharmacy counter in the hospital, gave them the prescription, and was given 5 weeks of malaria pills. The best part is that there was no charge at all for the whole ordeal. At the government hospitals, everything is free.

So i’m going to give them a try tomorrow, I’m suppose to take 2 every week until I leave india.

Having free healthcare, even for foreigners, is an amazing thing. They didn’t even ask my name.


Curlies in goa for another night

Since it’s just absolutely raining cats and dogs here, and there wasn’t much else todo, we headed from utopia (the overpriced bar/restaurant right next to the hotel) back down to curlies (the beach bar/club/restaurant that is always good goa trance).

There are not many people here, but it’s still always nice to be chillen on the beach having a drink and smoking a hookah.

Hanging out with flo and Christian from Germany and Raphael, Kyle, and Ryan from india.