Yeti äirlines

Welcome. Today our flight level will be 3500 feet, duration 20 minutes.

Yeti is an interesting airline.

We are flying in a Jetstream 41. The inside is actually quite nice, with recently refurbished seats, and even what feels like air conditioning (though it doesn’t work well on the ground).

Though above the mountains, we are seeming very low, when I look out the window I almost feel as though I’m atop a very tall building (usually on a large jet, the ground doesn’t even seem real as its soo distant).

To be perfectly honest though, this experience is as close to flying private as I’ve ever received. Security took less than 1 minute. No line. My liquids were not a problem. I wasn’t asked to remove shoes, liquids, laptops, nor my belt. Just inside security I was able to purchase a cheap can of cold beer.

When it was time to board, a wonderfully helpful young woman came over and got me and told me to follow her to the plane (no English announcements).

After a 30 second bus ride, everyone quickly boarded. The plane is less than half full, leaving plenty of room for large carryons. There are 2 flight attendants, whom even though turbulence was very rough, still managed to offer every passenger water during the rough flight (I can’t believe she was able to stand at all none the less pour little cups or water). Prior to takeoff we were given some sweets, cotton balls for the ears.
I was never asked to shut off my phone, and it works lovely at 3000 feet.

The flight was around a halr hour long, and cost around $80. I bought the ticket around an hour and a half before departure.

Just arrived Rhine loge at chit wan national park

So I managed to get conned in khatmandu on the package for visiting the national park. I had done a little research (not much), and had decided that staying in the park would be worth the little extra money. I had told the travel agent that I wanted a resort in the park, a even mentioned a particular resort. However the particular resort that I knew I preferred, is closed for mo soon season, so I ended up at a different resort, the Rhine Lodge.

While it is not in the park, and is not secluded at all, it does have some reasonably nice views, the food seems to be a 4 or 5 out of 10 (which is above average for Nepal), the room is nice and spacious, and the service seems tobe friendly. The resort is clean (of nothing else).

There is generator power for a few hours a day in order to charge up cameras, phones and such (and I guesss also to use the ac in the room, though the power was not on when I arrived, and the room is unbearably hot).

I’m waiting now for the first event on my program, the tour of the village, and a walk along the river before dinner.

There is very good cell coverage here, but only 2g (edge), no 3G yet.

They were prompt at the airport upon arrival, but did make a less than 5 minute stop to pick up a mirror on the way back to the resort. It’s about a 25 minute drive from airport to resort (over very poor roads).