Ashanti Lodge – Green Point

I’ve been staying in the Ashanti Lodge in green point for a few days now, and find it quiet but very nice. The entire place is very clean, staff extremely friendly and helpful, and there are a few other guests around as well.

Do note that this is a very small lodge, it is not nearly as large as the Ashanti Gardens, which much bigger.

The location is good though, very close to the beach as well as the “Waterfront” shopping area.


There is no bar nor smoking room at this hostel.

Cape Town, South africa

Cape town, south Africa.

Finally made it over to South Africa for a couple weeks.

The weather is a little better than Amsterdam, but is still not great (just starting to warm up here). The prices here are much better though.

Last 2 nights i stayed on long street (regrettably). Tonight I’m saying in Sea Point.