Mollify PHP & MySQL Based File Browser

I needed to set something up where I could securely share files with people. I looked at a variety of different options, but Mollify ( ) seemed to be the best option for doing exactly what I needed.

Here’s the main features that appeal to me:

  • Access permissions can be set vai the web panel, you don’t need multiple unix level users.
  • Files can be easily uploaded and downloaded.
  • Files don’t have to be stored in the webroot (so they aren’t a susceptible).
  • You can easily add additional directories and users via the web interface.

Features I wish it had:

  • Ability to publicly share a link.
  • Ability to track number of downloads.
  • Ability for users to register themselves.

Menalto Gallery3 – Still great gallery software!

I’ve been using the menalto gallery software since version 1, and while at times its been a bumpy road, it still remains my favorite gallery software. Version 3 is more stable and reliable than ever, it runs smooth and has few errors even with my thousands of photos.

I just wanted to post a quick note for anyone else looking for gallery software that menalto’s gallery software is great.

You can view an example at my gallery @