Webjet from FOZ to Rio

I ended up in Iguazu Falls, Argentina in order to get my brazillian visa.

The falls were amazing, though it seems that it rained every day I was there (though usually just a quick torrential down pour then it would clear up).

My next stop is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and as the busses take around 24 hours and do not offer lie flat seats, I decided to take a plane instead.

For around USD $200 I booked a one way (direct, nonstop, last minute) flight. There were cheaper flight with connections, or if I had bought it at least a day or two prior to departure, but I hadn’t a choice and didn’t want the connections.

I booked with a travel agency at the bus station and was able to pay with visa.

They were unable to assign seats at the travel agency and said I would have to do that at the airport.

I arrived at the airport approximately one hour before the flight. My hand luggage was weighed and I was told I couldn’t carry on both my case and backpack as both were over the 5kg limit. They did not charge me for checking the 19kg case though.

I requested seat 1A and they had no problem assigning me it.

On the airplane there was no bulkhead or anything in front of 1a just the exit door, so plenty of leg room. The entire row was empty as well (though some very rude French people from a large group squeezed into all the seats in the first row). I guess the normal flyers in webjet don’t know to ask for exit rows or first rows, that amazes me.

The seats were somewhat comfortable but allowed for no recline at all (they were in a fixed position).

The crew on board were friendly and helpful, however they charge for everything including soda (I wanted a sprite). They only accept brazillian reais, and no cards at all, which was a problem as I only had USD, Euro, and Argentinian pesos.

Flight went well. My case was the first off in the baggage claim.

Not a premium experience but I would fly webjet again considering how low the price was.