Synology 1812 – Going from 8x2TB to 8x3TB

So recently I decided to give the Synology 1812+ unit a try, origionally it was configured with 8x2TB HDD’s, but at this point I have run out of space, so its time to upgrade.

Since I went with Raid-5 instead of Synology’s SHR raid solution, my RAID Volume will not grow in size until all 8 drives have been replaced (Raid 5 uses all free space of the smallest drives multiplied by the number of drives in the system, less the parity drives).

So here we go…

1) Removed first drive from array. Everyting still running normal, except the storage manager shows ‘degraded,’ and the Synology unit itself is making a really loud, annoying, beep.

2) Put in the new drive, then went to the “Manage” section of the Synology Storage Manager. Then to repair…selected the new disk, then apply.

It has begain checking parity consistency and rebuilding the array. Will update here as things progress. (Approx 9PM).