Media Fileserver (Revision 1)

Home Media Fileserver – Revision 1

For the origional media server I used an Old HP machine. It was an intel 550 mhz with 512MB of ram. The case was slightly modified to accept 2xHot Swap IDE hard drives.


  • OpenBSD running software raid mirroring of 2x80GB IDE Hard Drives.
  • SAMBA for sharing files to the other machines on my network.
  • Pure-FTPd for FTP access.
  • net-smpd for monitoring usage.
  • Originally this machine also functioned as a router/firewall for my home network as well.


Eventually this machine was upgraded to revision 2, and the old HP was put to use as an OpenBSD router.

OpenBSD is a great operating system, but is not optimized for storage.

This machine was depreciated to make way for a new machine with more disks, a hardware IDE SCSI controller, running FreeBSD.

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