Media Fileserver (Revision 4)

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Improvements and notes for Revision 4

  • Ideally I’d like to run FreeBSD with PureFTPd, Samba, subsonic (which allegedly runs on FreeBSD, we’ll see), and raid-z (though in a non-redundant configuration).
  • No more Drobo for filestorage. I’m just going to load up 6x2TB drives into a case, split the SATA load between a single PCI-E SATA card and the onboard spots, and run raid-z but without redundancy.



  • 6x2TB SATA using onboard SATA connections and 1xPCI-E SATA card.
  • For simplicity all HDD’s are identical.
  • Operating System will be on a seperate 32GB SATA SSD.



  • Outside Access. SCP (A subset of ssh, it provides for secure file transfers over port 22) and PureFTPd (for FTP access @ port 21).
  • Media Streaming. SubSonic.
  • LAN Access. For local access to the media, Samba will be available for windows clients and NFS and AFS will be available for Apple clients.


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