Dropbox + Encryption

For sensitive files I’ll be using a combination of DropBox ( http://www.dropbox.com ) in combination with EncFs ( http://www.arg0.net/encfs/ ). DropBox works great for what were doing because its free, it does a good job of keeping things sync’d in the background, and stores an offline copy of all the files locally (so even if were not connected to the internet, we can still mount our DropBox volume, and thus our EncFS volume. The changes are all sync’d next time we connect).

EncFS works well because it provides file based encryption (each file is individually encrypted), this helps with DropBox’s ability to synchronize while the encrypted volume is still mounted and to reduce bandwidth of syncs.

First we’ll download and install dropbox, which will create a ~/Dropbox directory. This is where. Then within dropbox, I created a Files/.encrypted-raw directory. This is where the encrypted files will be stored.

# mkdir -p ~/Dropbox/Files/.encrypted-raw

Now we need to create the directory where the unencrypted versions of our files will be mounted.

# mkdir -p ~/Encrypted

Now we’ll initialize EncFS on our new directory.

# encfs ~/Dropbox/Files/.encrypted-raw ~/Encrypted
Volume key not found, creating new encrypted volume.
Password: [password entered here]
Verify: [password entered here]

Make sure to use a good long password here, a short password will impact the strength of your encryption.


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