Review: Bose Companion 5 Speakers

I’ve had the Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speakers for a few years now, little has changed over the years in this product, which isn’t necessarily bad. (Amazon).

bose companion speakers - overview


Included in the set are two speakers (left and right), subwoofer, and a small volume control. They interface to your Windows or Mac via USB (no extra software needed).



The speakers feel high quality, they are not light or flimsy. The cable is firmly connected and the speaker is firmly mounted to the stand, I’ve dropped these multiple times and they still work great.


The subwoofer is powered and a good size for a small-to-medium sized room. It has a volume adjustment on the back as well so you can adjust it to your taste and room size. I don’t paticularily listen to alot of bassy music, but for the few times I have, it sounds great. Nice and firm base, not bloated nor distorted. The built in crossover does a great job.

The subwoofer is also home to the crossover, amplifiers, etc. So all speakers, volume control unit, etc run to the subwoofer, which is also the only thing that needs to be plugged into an AC wall socket.

The Controller

The controller is very useful, it allows for easy muting and adjustment of the volume without having to turn on your display or find the right program to adjust. After a few years mine quit working right, now at random times it will mute itself and I have to tap it a few times to get it to un-mute. I wish there wasn’t a way to just disable it, but I haven’t found one.

bose companion speakers - controller

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