• Aricife (Tyrona). Beach in Tyrona national park. Spent a couple nights in a hammock here. When u get to Tyrona, they take you by horse for about a 20 minute ride to the camp site and hammocks. Hammock is around US$20 a night. Cabana on the beach cost around US$150 a night. (Website:
  • La Brisa Loca (Santa Marta). Big hostel with bar and restaurant, downtown Santa Marta. Has both ac and non. Nice rooftop terrace (good for smoking on). Has swimming pool and decent wifi. (Website:
  • The Dreamer Hostel (Santa Marta). A nice hostel with restaurant, ac, pool, pool table, bar, and wifi. I stayed here around a week, it’s a fun place. Located in Santa Marta, though not downtown. (Website:
  • Media Luna (Cartagena). Media Luna is a large hostel in Cartagena. It is within walking distance of the old town. They have parties every wednesday night that draw a couple hundred people. There is a very nice and large rooftop terrace as well. They have a pool, wifi (horrible), ping pong table, pool table, tv room, but no ac in any of the rooms. This can be a very fun place to stay in Cartagena, I spent a couple weeks altogether here. (Website:
  • Pit Stop (Medellin). They have wifi, a pool, bar, ping pong, pool table, hammocks, and a tv room. No ac. Near to Black Sheep Hostel. This can be a noisy “party” hostel at times but is a great place. (Website: Address: Cra. 43E calle 5 110).
  • Black Sheep (Medellin). Offers many private rooms as well as dorms. No ac or pool. They have wifi, tv area, and a balcony that can be smoked on. Very nice staff.  (Website:

– Tours of Pablo Escobars house can be arranged at almost any hostel. Pit Stop was charging 55,000 pesos in April 2012, while Black Sheep was only charging 30,000 pesos.

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    Some great information for anyone coming to Colombia. Medellin is definitely my favorite city and your readers should spend the most time there. I have been taking Spanish Classes in Medellin in Colombia Immersion. I would highly recommend it to your readers. They mix Spanish classes with an immersion environment where all the students also live together.

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