In Athens terminal A there are two lounges one in general for star alliance and one operated by swissport.

The swissport lounge is much nicer, with a smoking room, massage chairs, multiple working coffee/expresso machines (the coffee machine was broken in the other lounge the day I visited).

In addition the staff are much more polite in the swissport lounge, quickly looking up my information and allowing me entry, in the other lounge it took multiple phone calls (and had to wait while the agent helped other people in between these phone calls) before she could verify that United Star Gold Status allows entry to their lounge. After the 15 minute process she scanned my boarding pass and it popped up green – how come she couldn’t have just done that from the get go?

The food offerings in both lounges are pretty dismal, but as usual, the Swissport lounge provides a far larger selection of beverages (larger selection and higher quality).

The only problem with the swissport lounge here is that its right next to security, so during my stay multiple times a siren sounded, you can hear people’s suitcases banging onto the x-ray machines, etc. Its not a very quiet lounge. Does have a great view though.





In Larnaca there are two different lounges in terminal A, one operated by Aegeon Airlines and one operated by Swissport.

The Aegeon lounge is much smaller (and I found much quieter as well), but the Swissport lounge has better booze, faster internet, and an outside smoking terrace (with a great view of the runway!).

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