I had the opportunity to spend a few months in India over the summer 2011, here are some notes.



Evergreen Restaurant

I feel evergreen in kasol is worth mentioning. I feel they have the best food in the town. Little Italy and free kasol come in a close second.

I don’t even normally like pizza, but the pizza at little Italy from their wood oven is certainly not bad.


New Delhi

Airport Lounges:

The AMEX Platinum Lounge is an interesting lounge, quite small, but still very friendly. This appears to be a platinum only lounge (I’m sure centurion members are permitted as well, but it is definitely not marketed towards them). While they do provide free food and non-alcoholic beverages, they do not ever serve any alcohol (at this time). They offer food both in a very limited selection of western and indian food, both via the buffet and from a menu.

The KingFisher First lounge also has free food, though only provided from the buffet, though they do offer free alcoholic beverages after 11AM (11AM seems to be the unanimous across the entire airport no matter at lounge or bar).



Shiva’s Restaurant is just on the corner of stucco junction, near Anjuna Beach. While the food may be really slow, it is good and all cooked by the owners wife. Here are some photos:


Places that I visited in/around Goa:

  • Anjuna (Beach).
  • Mapusa (closest large town to anjuna).
  • Baga (just for a few hours one night).


Places to see next time I’m in Goa:

– Arambul (small hippy beach about 30 km from Anjuna).



Malaria Pills & Mosquetos

Due to all the side effects people always talk about when taking the malaria pills, and the fact hat I just didn’t have enough time to get some before I left, I decided against taking the pills.

Upon arrival in India I did stop at a hospital and get some malaria pills (it tooks less than 10 minutes to see a doctor, and both the doctor and the pills were free under the Indian healthcare system). I never took them though.

I did travel all over though, and was plagued with mosquitos, especially in the north, but found that the bug-repellent lotion worked well enough. Do buy it in a major city though, as once your up north, I couldn’t find any stores selling it.


Internet and Communications

I’ve been tethering my iPhone using the personal hotspot feature for a few a day or two now and it works great. I’m seeing 5-10 mbit (albeit with high latency) with a vodafone sim card.

While the latency and occasional momentary drop outs prevent streaming video, audio streams fine, and its even possible to download torrents.

Price is great too, around $40 us for 10gb of data transferred. Note that this is completely separate from their, “Mobile Internet” 3G packages that are only counted when browsing on the phone itself. The package for the 3G Internet for use while tethering is called, “Mobile Broadband.”

Both are relatively cheap with prepaid plans starting at under $10 a month.

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