Lufthansa’s Old First

I recently took a 747-400 from Chicago to FRA.

Getting on board was easy enough. On this particular flight were upstairs a 747-400.

Lufthansa has recently halfed the amount of first class passangers per flight. In the case of the old 747-400’s, that means that we get 2 seats instead of 1.

Hot nuts and champagne (Taittinger i believe).

Since we are now allotted 2 seats instead of one,  I chose to have one put into a bed and used the other to eat.



I find lufthansa to be acceptable when it comes to food, but not my favorite. For example the caviar (seen above) is dished out with big metal spoon, which is just not the way of doing it.

Johnny Walker Blue Label was my scotch of choice, and Taittinger my choice of champagnes, though there were many other varieties of each offered.



The In Flight Entertainment System was quite old in the old First Class configuration of Lufthansa. The screen small, not sharp at all, etc. There also is no airphone in the seat but rather there are 2 for the entire plane to use located downstairs in the economy, main floor gallery.


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