AirNZ Lounge Intl Terminal 1 SYD

As a Thai First Class passanger, I was permitted to use the Air New Zealand lounge in the international terminal at Sydney airport (Terminal 1).

I have used this lounge in the past, and little has changed.

They provide:

  • A light snack (not a bad offering seeing as this is a business class lounge, not a first class lounge).
  • Alcohol (beer, wine, and spirits).
  • Nice shower facilities (nice powerful shower).
  • Wireless Internet and computers for guest use.

This is a rather large lounge, and usually has quite a few people in it. There is plenty of space for sitting quietly, reading, watching TV, using computers, eating, and anything else you want to do (except sleep, there is no slumber rooms nor sleeping area).

The wireless internet is average speed, 4-5mbit download. The service is friendly albeit quick and impersonal. Being first class vs business class seems to make little difference if any at all.

There are some great views from this lounge though, if you like watching what going on around the airplanes.

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