BA First Class Departure Lounge Chicago (BA ORD)

The BA First Class Departure Lounge in Chicago (ORD) is nothing to necessarily write home about, but does provide a seperate place to relax and have a meal prior to departure. In addition it is in very close proximity to the departure gate (literally right next door), making it very convenient.

Here’s the end of the lounge, while the entire lounge is designated for BA First Class passangers only, there is one section that is slightly more private than the rest, providing slightly more comfortable chairs.

I found the staff at the lounge to be very helpful in every capacity, they were happy to help with anything needed. This is not the norm for most lounges in my experience within the United States.

The Food

One of the major advantages of this lounge over other One World lounges at the Chicago airport is the dining options. There is a seperate dining area for First Class passangers that is across the hallway, attached to the business class lounge (but you don’t dine in the same room as business passangers).


The dining room itself is quite small, but is comfortable and has great food.


The Problem

The only problem with this lounge is that it is rather small, and during peak departure times (i’m not sure if they only have a single flight or if theres multiple flights sharing the same lounge), things can get rather hectic. About an hour before boarding the seating section of the lounge was completely full, forcing some First Class passengers to sit in the same chair groupings as other first class passengers (I prefer not to have to sit right next to someone I don’t know in the lounge).

Also the calibre of drinks offered is below par compared to other BA lounges.

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