Copa Lounge Bogota

Priority Pass allows for access to 4 different lounges in the two terminals at Bogota airport in Columbia.

If you are flying domestically from Terminal 1, then there is only one choice, the Copa Airlines Lounge around gate 5. As such it is inside security but not through immigration, unlike all the other lounges in T1, which are after international immigration.


The lounge itself I found to be quite small and noisy. In addition there were very limited options for drinks (only alcohol served was cans of Heineken and those ran out over an hour before they were scheduled to close. I didn’t even get one. I asked the front desk to put out some more and was told she would call for more. A half our later I asked again and was told they close in about a half hour so there wasn’t time).

The internet was acceptable at around 300-500 KBytes.

Overall though not much of a lounge. If you have the ability to use any other lounge I would recommend it.



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